Mugshots – are they news?

2 Feb
Mugshot Roundup

What do you think of this? Should it be on a news website?

Click on the photo to see the gallery.

Does this have news value?

What do you think of mugshots on a news website?

Would you click on it?

What would you do differently? How would you produce this?

Leave me a comment or send me an email and let me know what you think.

A little bit of marketing fun…

28 Jan

Thought this was fun and worth posting, a cool infographic on “Which Female Tech Influencer Are You.”

Female Tech Influencers

When you click through the graphic, you’ll see this is clearly a marketing thing. Pretty smart actually. Marketing/PR folks, take note, the embeddable graphic link took me straight to their home page, which gave them a visit and a page view. One of the things you will have to do as a website marketer is get traffic to a home page and this example is pretty clever. Their task, apparent by the use of this graphic/topic, is clearly to get technical women to their home page. (And they got me, so, it worked in this case.)

I checked out their blog – and lo and behold it’s just what I’m trying to teach you guys how to do. And, when you start reading Don’t Make Me Think next week, you will really come appreciate something that’s this easy to navigate and read, and recognize that the cleaner and simpler things are to use, the more thought/work/testing went into developing them.

And, once you study SEO you will see why the links on the right hand side of the page are there, and get a sense of why it is good to be part of a network of online writers/bloggers.

Click on any one of the stories on the WPromote blog and you will see a clean, well written blog post using a photo or two to enhance storytelling and writing.

Check it out for inspiration as you write your future entries for class. And if you’d like to talk about it leave me a comment here below in the comments section.

Week 3 Assignments and what’s keeping me busy…

27 Jan

Hello all – I have finished checking to see if your work is on time.

The biggest part of your grade for this course is hitting these weekly deadlines. If I didn’t see current work, or something is missing, you’ve heard from me, check your email and respond to me today. If you haven’t heard otherwise from me, you got five points! I will be reading your Week 3 Assignments likely on Sunday…

Gotta say, I am enjoying your work and I am truly impressed some of the things I have seen and the raw talent among you. Check out a great example at Click and Captured. And there are more, so expect to hear more from me soon and see examples showcased here.

In the meantime, surely you’ve noticed what a busy week it has been for news in Tampa. It’s been a sad, tragic and busy week for us.

Two police officers were shot and killed during a standoff in St. Petersburg. This is what has been keeping my team and I extremely busy this week. Right now site visitors and viewers are wondering just why there’s was so much damage to this house.

SPPD Shooting House Aerials

Police demolished this house while searching for an armed suspect. Two officers were killed and a US Marshal was shot and wounded.

You can look at pictures of the St. Petersburg Police Shooting here. Take a look, while sad, this is a good example of full coverage online of a breaking news story. 10 News reporters, anchors and photographers wrote and posted their stories to a queue, while web editors added them all to the site, and added their photos and video.

The funeral services are Friday and we will be live streaming them starting at 10 a.m.

On Saturday, Pirates invade Tampa for the Gasparilla Parade. And I live right smack on the parade route, so, in the spirit of “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em,” I am having a huge party and will have a house full of pirates. We have a party every year for a tight-knit group of our closest friends.


Arrrr! Gasparilla - via Metromix Tampa Bay

Want to see more pictures? Check out our Top 100 Gasparilla pictures on Metromix, another site that I oversee. You guys would likely enjoy Metromix.

I’ll be checking today to make sure your assignments were posted on time, and spending time reviewing the posts and giving you feedback on Sunday.

Reviewing Week 2 Assignments

23 Jan
Coffee = Teacher fuel

Drinking this, reviewing blogs

I’m reading through the blogs that UF students built for class. You can see the blogs on the right hand side of this page under “Blogroll.”

This week, students developed an idea, or concept for a blog and sent or showed it to me for review. The initial guidelines included making sure it is something that can easily be updated at least twice a week. Students chose a CMS (WordPress, Tumblr or Blogger – preferably WordPress) and started blogs.

Some students have a pretty clear idea of what they’d like to blog about this semester, and I’m already enjoying these. Others built blogs and plan to write and find their topics as they evolve throughout the semester. Still others are continuing blogs and building on projects already in progress, like the beautiful Stories in Spanglish from Lucia Tolosa and Cretul Seats – some clever posting by Matthew Cretul.

Here are a few blogs worth showcasing this week, if I haven’t mentioned you yet, don’t worry, I will:

Katie Keene’s blog called Gator Fitness. Katie picked a theme and artwork that work well with her topic and her first article.

Giselle Boothby is on the right track, clear about her uncertainty in Giselle’s Amazing Blog! but blogging about a snowy trip to Atlanta.

And Daniela Perilon promises to deliver the delicious along with politics here in her Tasty Politics writings, clearly a clever combination of two of her passions.

Those blogs above should inspire everyone as they complete this week’s assignment, which is to:

Start producing two blog entries a week, include a photo and some text. Take a picture, write about it. Twice. These two short entries are due to be posted on your blog by on Wednesday, Jan 26 at 11:45 p.m.

Learn to upload your photos on your blog by reading this and working through the exercise: WordPress – Get Flashy

If you’d like to update your blog and post pictures with your mobile phone, read this: WordPress – Get Mobile

Advanced Interactive News

23 Jan
Students work on multimedia at the CMIR

Students begin work on their blogs at the CMIR at UF in Gainesville

Hello, I’m Theresa Collington, and I am teaching RTV4283 Advanced Interactive News for the Spring Semester at the University of Florida in Gainesville.

The class assignment is a semester-long blogging project, which you can follow along with by viewing the  Advanced Interactive News Spring 2011 Class Syllabus.

You can read more in the About Gatorbloggers section of this site.

Check out the links in the blogroll to the right to see some fascinating student work from University of Florida students.